Paleo Passion Foods Granola Review

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Author: Lisa Hayim
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Happy Friday Loves!

Last week I attended the Natural Product Expo East This is basically the stuff of healthy-food lovers live for. It’s a giant convention of all the best natural packaged foods. Ranging from Bob’s Red Mill, to Chobani, to Emmys Organics, and many brand smaller, and new brands debuting their products for the first time. I attended last year and noticed the paleo trend beginning to surface. This year, it came in hard. From paleo cookies, to baking mixes, to the very popular Grain Free Granola.

The main difference between paleo and regular granola is that traditional granola has a base of oats (not considered paleo), while paleo granola is made mostly of nuts and seeds (think almonds, walnuts, coconut, etc). Therefore, paleo granola is higher in protein & fat, while traditional granola will contain more carbohydrates (and possibly refined sugar too).

The difference in the nutrition label of paleo granola represents a very timely shift in our nutrition guidelines. Traditionally, granola is considered a low fat, high carbohydrate food. Paleo granola is actually high fat (the good, unsaturated fat, for the most part!). Recent studies, while observational only, have opened the doors for adding more fat into the diet with no association to heart disease. As a result, people are letting more fat into their diet.

So why is Paleo Passion Foods as my Paleo Granola of choice?

If you are a Wellebrity, and enjoy your seasonal delivery of functional foods, you know well I’m a sucker for family businesses. There is sometime that feels so genuine when you know there is a family- real people, working together for a greater purpose. These are good people, and I trust them. Hard to say about Kelloggs, you know?

Visit Lisa’s blog post for full story.

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