Chocolate Waffles

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Author: Katie Lemons
Link: Chocolate Waffles

I have a lot of wafeel(ing)s right now because I just finished another semester of classes. Granted I got a 42 on one of my finals. No that is not a misprint. The most entertaining part (to me anyways…let’s hear it for self deprecation) is that the final was open book. And still a 42. Pending I don’t have to retake the class, I’ll only have two semesters left of this Master’s program in Nutrition and Functional Medicine. Aside from the nutritional epidemiology class I just bombed, I am so happy @myself that I decided to drop out of the Master’s I was supposed to begin in dietetics. What I’m learning now is so streamlined to what I hope to do in my future medical practice – linking diet and chronic disease, and what practitioners can prescribe to patients beyond pharmaceuticals to get them thriving again, rather than just existing. We’re covering topics like autoimmunity, gut health, hormone balancing, and the complicated phase I and II detoxification systems, all seen through the lens of both nutrition and medicine, as I firmly believe the two are inseparable and should be treated as such in a clinical setting. I’ve also started an incredibly fun new project, which I hope to reveal sometime soon!! AND I started dancing again with DanceWorks Boston – challenged by new pieces and choreography that make me a little uncomfortable / I’m honestly not that great at. I used to get FallOutBoy emo if I wasn’t naturally good at something, entranced by this idea of instant and effortless blemish-free performances, be that on stage or in classes or just life in general. I am a creature who thrives on planning and routine, and I think this mindset stunts evolution and has trained me to flee rather than fight if something feels off. Now I’m trying to settle into seeing failure through a spectacle of curiosity, as it’s a good moment to check in and say hey why don’t you just practice more or just try something different. With this new project and heading into a new season and semester, I very well may royally fu** some things up. But even if I look like a flailing fool, maybe I’ll just put a little more time in and see what happens. So here’s to a season of 42’s. Of appreciating (and laughing off) the failures. And to waffles. I’d also like more waffles this fall. Waf-FALLs and Waf-FAILS and Waf-FEELINGS. There it is.


1/2 cup oats
1/4 cup almond flour
2 tbsp cacao
1 scoop chocolate plant based protein powder
2 eggs
1/4 tsp vanilla extract
1/2 tsp cinnamon
1/3 cup Paleo Passion Foods ChocoNut granola + extra for topping (code LEMONS15 at checkout for 15% off your order – N.B. I do not make commission from this. I just genuinely think this is the best Paleo granola on the market)
2 tbsp peanut butter

Do this:

Grind oats into a flour.
Combine all other ingredients together and whisk until smooth.
Preheat waffle iron and spray (I use coconut oil spray).
Pour batter into iron.
Wait until you hear the beep.
Top with more Paleo Passion Foods ChocoNut granola and peanut butter.
Makes two servings – 3 mini waffles each.

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