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Paleo Passion Pops : Review

November 14th, 2016 Posted by Press 0 comments on “Paleo Passion Pops : Review”

Long before I was eating Paleo Passion Foods granola, I was eating their pops! I love popsicles. They are such a nostaglia inducing food. They make you feel like a kid! As I got older, I faced a serious problem. I was not down with the the additives and ingredients used in most popsicles.

Remember Popsicle Brand? They offer flavors like cherry, grape, and orange and promote being low calorie. I’m actually disgusted that we feed this stuff to our children. Note, I said “stuff”, not food. These popsicles appear innocent to the regular shopper. Quick glance at the front marketing that reads “40cal/pop”, and they toss them in the cart thinking they are doing good with their family. Another win for main stream brands. But if this shopper were to read the ingredients, he/she would learn learn the second ingredient (which means it is the second most prominent ingredient used) is high fructose corn syrup, followed by regular corn syrup (more sugar), and then the actual stuff, sugar. To boot, there is artificial food die and flavors used. Not a trace of real food to be found.

You won’t find anything like that in Paleo Passion Pops.


Paleo Passion Pops Review

November 1st, 2016 Posted by Press 0 comments on “Paleo Passion Pops Review”

A dessert with benefits? Yes, it’s possible to satisfy your sweet craving with real foods (that have benefits!) and without refined sugar (which does not!).

No Refined Sugar

As you know, I’m not a fan of refined sugar. I haven’t used it in my own home for years, and stay as far away from it as humanely possible (read, I know when I’m dining out, chefs often use sugar, even in savory dishes, so I’m sure I have ingested it over the years, but I try to avoid it whenever I can).

But, that doesn’t mean I never eat dessert…it means I use better-for-you ingredients and unrefined sweeteners. Two of my all time favorite dessert recipes include this Banana N’Ice Cream (sweetened only with banana) and this Chocolate Truffle recipe (sweetened only with dates).

But, if you don’t feel like breaking out the Vitamix or just want to have something on hand for the kids, these new Paleo Passion Pops can be a good option for you.