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Introducing Paleo Passion Foods

July 21st, 2016 Posted by Press 0 comments on “Introducing Paleo Passion Foods”

Introducing Paleo Passion Foods: A company that is truly evolving the way we eat! Serving Grainless Granolas and Passion Pops that are free of cane and refined sugars, this relatively new brand is making waves in the gluten-free community, with shelf space in 900 stores across the US, including Whole Foods, ShopRite, Balduchis and Fairway!

I had the opportunity to try Paleo Passion Foods granola this week, and I’m hooked! The granola, called Krave The Krunch, comes in three flavors: Maple Cinnamon, Choco-Nuts, and Caribbean Coconut. Given I’m a choco-holic, the chocolate granola came first. Andddd, as you can imagine, it was gone within 24 hours. The maple and coconut didn’t last much longer, especially after my friends stopped by to taste test with me.

Paleo Passion Foods granola is grain-less, which makes it stand out amongst competing brands. Whereas most granolas are typically comprised of gluten-free oats and other GF grains, as well as an array of nuts and dried fruits, PPF is a blend of shredded nuts, seeds, and natural sweeteners like Wildflower Honey and Cinnamon. The granola is protein PACKED and incredibly tasty and as the brand states, they make granola both “you and the planet can feel good about.”