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5 Frozen Treats That Should Be In Your Freezer

July 25th, 2015 Posted by Press 0 comments on “5 Frozen Treats That Should Be In Your Freezer”

Paleo Passion Orange Mango Pops

This tropical blend of orange, mango, pear, and chia seeds has just 60 calories per Paleo-friendly pop—no added sugars allowed. ($6 per box,


All-Natural Paleo Passion Pops Are A Sweet Treat—Without The Guilt

July 15th, 2015 Posted by Press 0 comments on “All-Natural Paleo Passion Pops Are A Sweet Treat—Without The Guilt”

You’ve worked your butt off for months to get into summer shape. So don’t consume snacks that’ll pack it right back on. Instead, reach for our new favorite indulgence: Paleo Passion Pops.

Made by Greenwich, Connecticut-based Paleo Passion Foods, the ice pops are made sans gluten, dairy, or fat and are Non-GMO Verified, vegan, and kosher pareve. But what really puts them in the upper echelon of snackdom is their no-added-sugar formula. “In today’s food industry, almost everything is loaded with some sort of added processed or refined sugar and/or sweeteners,” says Ward Waesche, general operations and administration for Paleo Passion Foods. “These sweeteners can lead to serious health complications—so we decided to combat this major issue by offering a no-sugar-added snack.”

The superfood-laden pops—made with ingredients like kale, spinach, green tea, and flax and chia seeds—can even serve as post-workout fuel. Ranging from 50 to 90 calories, the pops come in flavors including Chocolate Passion, Orange Mango, and Pineapple Ginger.

Find Paleo Passion Pops on the shelves of DeCicco Family Markets, Whole Foods in White Plains and Port Chester, Mrs. Green’s Natural Market in Tarrytown, Turco’s, and Brother’s Fresh Fruits in Bronxville.

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Slideshow: Ice pop innovations

July 6th, 2015 Posted by Press 0 comments on “Slideshow: Ice pop innovations”

A new line of ice pops were developed for the popular paleo diet. Paleo Pops from Paleo Passion Foods, Greenwich, Conn., are free of gluten, fat, dairy, artificial colors and preservatives. Made with such ingredients as kale powder, sweet potato puree and ginger juice, flavors include apple crisp with flax seeds, blueberry pomegranate with green tea and spinach, chocolate, kale with green tea and spinach, orange mango with chia seeds, pineapple ginger with chia seeds, and strawberry passion with flax seeds. With 60 to 90 calories each, the bars contain no added sugar.